At Ingram and Friends we are  interested in helping others navigate the often confusing and ever changing waters of digital marketing in the information age.

At Ingram and Friends we truthfully answer your questions about on-line marketing. Marketing is a process that tells your story and enables your customers to both find you and choose your product or service. Ingram and Friends provides marketing answers to small business that are in search of new customers and enhanced sales.

Our main focus has always been online sales and productivity tools but we know the basics. We know what it takes to get noticed in a digital world. We also have experience in all types of marketing when used to support an online strategy. We have created marketing materials for local companies in North Texas. We have also provided design consulting for companies as far away as South Carolina, Massachusetts and Arkansas. We have even created and managed a few highly successful on-line stores.

We do not use off shore contractors or resources. We feel the risks are too high to expose our clients and friends to individuals we have not vetted and who we do not trust.