In 2001 planes flew into towers, the Telecom business went bust and the DotCom explosion imploded. At the time I was an art director for a new-media company and our client list evaporated over night. I found myself without a job at a time when everyone was looking for work.

I had my computer and my skills so I set out  to earn my keep in the world, one client at a time. Before that awful day I was responsible for the design of deliverables for MacWorld magazine plus designs and concepts for a host of clients both big and small. Before that, for twelve years,  I was an in-house art director for a large, Irving based, corporation. I had the skills and I had the work ethic. 

I&F provides technology support services in the Dallas metro area. Our main focus has always been online sales and productivity tools. We also have experience in all types of marketing when used to support an online strategy. We have created marketing materials for local companies in Dallas, Richardson, Plano and parts of North Texas. We have also provided design consulting for companies as far away as South Carolina, Massachusetts and Arkansas. We have even created a few on-line stores such as

We do not use off shore contractors or resources. We feel the risks are too high to expose our clients and friends to individuals we have not vetted and who we do not trust.