Technology Is Complicated. . .

The world is changing fast. Your sales, accounting functions, production and forecasting are all tied to the Internet. At its best it brings powerful management tools to your fingertips. 

We provide small businesses with the tools that many large businesses use including:

  • Data Gathering and Reporting.
  • Traditional & New Media Marketing
  • Social Media Outreach Programs
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Business Productivity Tools
  • Cloud Services

We Streamline The Manufacturing Process

Everywhere you turn today people are talking about manufacturing in America. The believe it’s gone and that we are a nation of burger flippers and investment bankers. They are wrong. America is a bubbling cauldron of small business manufacturers. We are building those items that are custom made, time sensitive or limited in quantity where high quality trumps low cost container shipments from over seas.

  • B2B or B2C Marketing.
    In the world of on-line sales, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing are quite different. Someone that is buying a product for themselves has very different needs than a business buyer. B2B sales depend on continuing relationships and a coordinated marketing effort. We understand consumer and business based strategies to market effectively to your customers.
  • Reporting Structures.
    How are you doing? Do you know? Data gathering and reports are the key to managing your company’s resources effectively. We can tailor reporting to your specific needs. No two companies are alike and there are very few, one size fits all solutions, that will work with every business. We work for you to become the eyes and ears of your data. B2B or B2C Marketing.
  • New Media Outreach.
    In the old days you only needed a Yellow Pages ad and you were in business. Today you must navigate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as keeping your business information current on Google and Yelp. We have programs that will allow your company to stay in touch with your customers and keep your content fresh.